About Me

Hey everyone! First, thanks for checking out my blog. I’m a 20 something who recently graduated from Old Dominion University, and I’m currently dividing my time between legal studies and coffee consumption at William & Mary Law School.

I started this blog because as a college graduate, and someone who decided that 4 years of classes, papers, and late nights in the library just wasn’t enough,  I really enjoy assisting other college students through this process. I often get questions about balancing both work and play in school, dealing with roommates, getting involved on campus, and my decision to attend law school, so why not share the knowledge with everyone.

I hope to illustrate that you can have a lot of fun while accomplishing your goals. I’ll be sharing a little bit of college advice, a little bit of my style, and a little of everything else in between. As a 20 something, I think its safe to say that figuring out how to “adult” can be somewhat tricky, but with the right combo of dreams and drive, we can make something big happen!